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Atmosphere The Number None lyrics

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Atmosphere The Number None video

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Baby listen, they playing our song
You want to slow dance with me? C'mon
You can just say no
You ain't gotta be a douche about it

I was just a kid, she was just a kid
Lost in the mix, it didn't matter what we did
She used to baby me, I was her baby doll
I used to chase her around, she was basketball
I guess it had to fall, I should've known
No model to follow, we were both from broken homes
But we used to laugh about acting grown up
and I could hear her mom in the back yelling hang the phone up
A teenage love, a teenage love
Keep up the crush on what it means to us
It's okay girl, we don't even need to fuck
I was the first one to show her what a penis was
We used to sit on the park bench and hold hands
Staying out past dark to feel the romance
Summer time I was waking up early
Bounce out the flat little worm, get the birdy
Walk to her house and watch a couple movies
Kissing on her nipples, playing with the coochy, whoo!
That's as far as it ever got, pet the spot
Get her all wet and hot, and then it stopped
Frustration, soon after that
She broke up with me like boom it's a wrap
She said that we were moving too fast
No seducing the ass, she needed room to relax
But hold up now, I don't understand
All I really wanted was to be your lover man
We can wait, no pressure, I'll be patient
She said stop calling me, I'm taking a vacation
So there it was decorated with the wordplay
I'm at school and I'm tryna hide my hurt face
She started seeing others but it got worse, wait
She let my homeboy hit it on the first date

Sorry dude
Makes me wanna sing, I wanna sing, c'mon

{Repeat - 4X}
I don't miss you, but I remember you
You taught a lesson and for that I give you gratitude
I'm such a mess with love and sex
But I don't fuck around with my best friend's ex, nah
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