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Cassie Thirsty lyrics

phone left Send "Thirsty" Ringtone to your Cellphone right

Cassie Thirsty video

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phone left Send "Thirsty" Ringtone to your Cellphone right
T-h-i-r-s-t-y (what)(x3)
Thirsty ahhhh (x2)

On the phone
While you drive on a late night over here you and i
But it's hard out there
All alone, by yourself
Wondering each mouth when will it be over
Run out of breath
And you need my help
And you said you are thirsty

Thirsty so thirsty its not my fault
You had a glass waiting for you
But you aint come
Thats how you feel
What you want
Then you shouldnt front
Keep it real
Dont lean back
When you tryna get me back oooooh
Yes so thirsty (x2)
Come and get me (x2)

On a trip to your mouth
I'd tease you, show you
Why'd you been missin' me
In a night
That enough yourself
Appriciate what you get
Cause someone who act like you
Aint want it
Beggin' me to take you there


I got you dreamin' wishin' you
Was in the deep end
You equipe befoe you submerse in
And keep you dyin' of thirst
I'm just playin' with you


phone left Send "Thirsty" Ringtone to your Cellphone right

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