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Chevelle I'm Ready lyrics

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Chevelle I'm Ready video

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(Verse 1)
I'm in a new place, with the same face
And nothing is familiar to me,
But theres a storm rush, then the wind starts
And its bringing out the woman in me
I know that you're out there somewhere
Waiting on a deeper connection
Now I'm lookin to my left, searching on my right
'Cause we could be the greatest adventure, I'm
Come and find me, I'm not gonna hide
I got the sun on my side, it's
Heavy 'cause I'm finally open for the one and
I'm ready, ready
(Verse 2)
I'm moving out there,
So baby beware, because now its just a matter of time
(now it's just a matter of time)
Before our paths cross, and the sky falls,
The very moment that I tell you you're mine
I know that you're out there somewhere
Moving in another direction
So just hurry up and come, as fast as you can run,
I've been waiting far too long, and I'm
(Chorus Repeat)
Oh you, You gotta be close,
Because I breathe you in and out, wherever I go,
I'm ready come and find, I'm not gunna hide, I got the sun on my side it's,
Heavy, 'cause I'm finally, open for the one,
I'm ready (repeat 2x)
I'm ready for love, I'm ready (repeat, fade)
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