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Constancy Mirrors lyrics

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So I wait another time with this poison in my skin
And Im never turning back to old cause Ive seen what its like there,
Where lonely hearts spell tragedy and hate controls peace

On this cold and lonely night your lies hold back your freedom
To give back is to give up, but you hold on and on
Now courage finds a hiding place and mercy tries but

A dishonest answer could fight restrictions,
Youre choking out the life so take the noose from your neck
Forgive and forget the time that weve spent
To find the hardest part is to pretend

And looking in your eyes its reflecting black and gray
Now youve seen it all not once but twice and many times before,
The roses thorns will cut through flesh and leave you bleeding

I try to find a way to dodge the blades of knives
Ill try, Ill fail; without wings I wont prevail.

And youre broken on the inside because the torment rusts your veins
You forget all that you know when ambition calls the crows,
And their screeching sound is what remains because beauty fades
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