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Dj Khaled I'm So Hood lyrics

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Dj Khaled I'm So Hood video

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DJ Khaled we the best
Who we nigga
We the best
The winner I represent the ghetto across the world
And you represent the horde two hands in the sky

I'm so hood (listen)
I wear my pants below my waist
And I never dance when I'm in this place
Cause you and your man is planning to hate (I'm so hood)
And I got these golds up in my mouth
If you get closed into my house
Then you know what I'm taking bout I'm out the hood
And if you feel me put your hands up (hood)
My hood of niggas can you stand up (I'm so hood)
If you not from here you can walk it out
And you not hood then you don't know what I'm talking bout

Everybody wanna mother fuckin' know why I dress so fly sit so high (bitch)
I do it for the hood
Bitch ass niggas I do it cause I could
Every star on my jeans four X on my white tee
Living life like a g that's why these bitch ass niggas wanna fight me
Black ain't going play wit em'
Nu uh brother left to ak hit em'
Tough niggas get fucked up
And put on ice for the rest of they life
I'm straight out the hood bra
See that's what I do it for
My low class ghetto ass
Just renewed my ghetto ass


Ross yeah four five off in the ride
For plus for me to get high
Feel buck when I ride by (I'm so hood)
I got em' hate talking like plies
Niggas keep dropping like flies
Snitching ain't going cut no time (I'm so hood)

I murder one of you fuck niggas
Dropping for you last
You know coming mad (I'm so hood)
For money for mayhem for yayo and millions
I made em', the Mayblock is mine, the city is mine (I'm so hood)


Yeah yo my p o y'all can tell I said it
Five later she going have to come cash me
Bitch test me all you want, I'm a smoke when I'm ready
Pants hanging off me nine cause my pistol heavy (hood)
I ain't spoke to you yet dog, cause I ain't friendly
I drank light homie y'all drink crisp
I like pussy handy I want that boogie bitch
I never buy a phantom twenty eight's can't fit
They say I'm dead bound, and that I'm high risk
My four bloody goon, lanes make me sick
You get three or four birds before we call you rich
I'd like to thank the hood homie is all behind me


I'm so hood
Trick Daddy, T-pain, Rick Ross
Nigga we so hood
We the best
DJ Khaled Florida stand up
Let's go
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