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Dungeon Family Rollin lyrics

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Dungeon Family Rollin video

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Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo
Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo
Shoo-bob-shoo-bob doo-oooooo

Are you rolling
Down the same street that I'm going
Up the same stream that I'm folding
On the new ride?

High is high - low is low
Everybody want to go to heaven
But nobody wants to die
Nobody wants to die

Nobody wants to:
Do the don'ts
Don't what is
Colour outside the lines
And nobody wants to try
Nobody wants to try
Nobody wants to


I can feel it all over me right now
And girl, if you're so good
Got me on straight lock-down (down, I can't shake it)
It's takin me, it's spendin me (I can't shake it)
It's makin me want to be with someone (tonight)
Make her feel (so right)


Up the street
Around the corner
Down the block
Around the clock
It's bound to stop
Or ease at least
I can breath at least
My brain release
Pain relief
It's the same belief that make you stand the chief
And to this ain't the snuff so obtain the spluf
Cellophane of reef
Trade your grief
For these magic beans
Crown the stop
Ride the clouds
Surf the waves
An earth decays
Expose your soul
Never close your soul
Slow your role
Never overload your soul
Hold your goes
Never lose sight of those
I suppose
We can all float away
As it goes
We can all know the way
If we prose
We can share the way
No one knows
We can all go today
If we chose
We can all roll away

Until you're truly ready to say, "Fuck your fear!"
You are not alive
You don't have to settle and be stuck right here
You can let me drive
Come and ride the roller-coaster
Give all the troubles of the world to me
At least come and see, come see the other side
This may be the way you want the world to be (Ohhh-oh)

Shoop-bop shoop-bop dooooo [until it fades out]
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