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Falkenbach Winternight lyrics

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Sunset beyond a grey vast forest,
I'm longing for the night
to break into the woods and darkness
then will be my light.
.. beginning of my wandering
through coldness and grim ice,
to find the one I'm searching for
before the sun again will rise...

Fire - burns down the christian houses
and shows me the way with it's light,
my ancestors are with me on this wandering
into this darkest winternight...

Following the foodsteps
no snowflake will efface,
a northern breeze beckons my body
and northern snow my face...

I feel he gets nearer to me,
a lightning strikes with pride,
the thunder roars, the trees now rush,
I sense my master is not wide...

Thors hammer - in chains around my neck,
an ancient wisdom deep inside,
my blood flows wild now through my veins
while my wandering through this darkest

A lifetime I have been in search
for what the elder ones have told me,
for strongness and the truth,
for blood and victory...

But now the time for me has come,
no way to find back home,
the snow begins to burry me,
but I'm no longer now allone...

My sword tears my breast,
I'm spilling my own blood...
The last on this world so I saw
was the beckoning of my
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