Sleipnir lyrics

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Folkearth Sleipnir lyrics

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Folkearth Sleipnir video

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Sleipnir! Sleipnir!
O'er lofty mountains-Ride now!
Passing swiftly
Like a gust
Of deadly wind
A fate to seal
Son of Loki and Svadilfari
Take me where my brothers fell!
To Asbyrgi I'll make my stand
I'll fight and die upon your back!

Steed of Odin!
The horn of Heimdall calls!

Lead the Gods to one last war
Against the Giants' fearsome host!
Over sea and through the air
To and fro the Underworld

Sleipnir! Sleipnir!
Rune-carved teeth bared in a neigh
That shakes the earth
And brings down the Thunder!
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