Tunnel Of Love lyrics

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Green River Tunnel Of Love lyrics

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Green River Tunnel Of Love video

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Let me tell you a story
About an old friend
He seemed pretty happy
But said he was missing something
Down on the street one day
He saw a shining light
He let his thoughts consume her
All through the night
He said "Baby won't you take me
To your tunnel of love"
She said "Maybe, only if you're
Willing to give it all up"
He smiled and said "Sure whatever you say"
That's when he started
To drain away

All he ever wanted was a taste of her love
You know he lost more than he ever got
A love so tender, a love so sweet
Two cannibals devouring each other's meat

Then one day he came over to my place
I opened the door to his greenish-white face
He fell down shaking, down on my floor
Writhing and screaming: "no more..."
That's when I began to understand
What he came here for

When she was young she was told
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach
She didn't listen to her mom
She slipped in through his prick
He thought she was the girl of his dreams
She turned out to be the woman of his screams

Woman! come out...

He lost himself in a tunnel of love
He never learned how much was enough
You knw he gave her everything
Now she controls all of him

Woman! come out...
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