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I Against I Free lyrics

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I know what you're like Cause I've seen your kind These words I have heard many times, many times
There's always someone Who thinks he knows you She knows what you're like just by looking at you Am
I not what you hope to be? Your standard is not reserved for me Are you not what I hope to be? My
standard's reserved only for...... I try to see through the blindness But sometimes I just can't
fight it, no!! I won't be mislead by the words you say!!! Could you be like me? Could I be like
you? Will I ever know if I don't talk to you? Can't see through my eyes So just look away I don't
have to hear what you think there's to say Now mark my words You've had your last So sick and tired
of the finger-pointing What do you know? Who gave you the right? What gave you the right? Yeah I
know what you're like Cause I've seen your kind Don't you cross my path if you're thinking like
that I could be like you You could be like me But you'll never know cause you won't talk to me I
won't be the scapegoat, no never, no way
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