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I Against I Ordinary Fight lyrics

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you'd think we might have learned from the problems that occurred. but it seems i'm truly wrong there. the war was useless. but what did it teach us. you use violence and hatred again.... they say it's just for a little influence. but i can see it's here for acceptance. they say it's all for the cause of our society. and they may think so, but don't tell it to me. we have to do something that just doesn't feel alright. we have to use violence. but not of a common kind. these nazis around us keep acting as if they are blind. it's not an ordinary fight.... discriminating acts keep hunting through my brain. but i know we are all one and the same. so what if there's a difference between the color of our skin. this doesn't mean we're living with a sin. but you keep telling me i'm blind. i think your brain's a bit behind. 'cause i can't believe it when you're telling me that i'm blind. i won't support an ordinary fight.
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