Stillborn Kingdom lyrics

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In Dread Response Stillborn Kingdom lyrics

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And when the soul can no longer bear
The corruption of this earth and it's atrocities
Is it ready to take it's leave
To take refuge beyond dark mountains
(It begs the question)

Are we all dead
Have we passed on
Or as half-lives, vagrant in this realm
Desensitised, oh absent empathy
Ringmasters in the circus of nonchalance

Shall we entertain the demons of derailment
And train up master architects of delusion
A listless spell over the residents
Of a stillborn kingdom

Pyrrhonic sentiments aflow in this dissident state
Polyplastic generations swamped in nausea
Let us raise our glasses over fountains of crimson!
(Without scanning our minds for decay)

Howling overhead, the winds carrying voices
In torment, between celestial gales
Empty lungs bleeding funeral oratory
To a stillborn kingdom

Conveniently blinded, in the path of ruin
Subconsciously craving disease
Without escape, without release

(Conscientiousness has disappeared into the dusk)

The sun mocks us with carcinogenic rays
The clouds are spitting back to us, the tears of suffering
We; schismatic parasites, creating more divisions
Incessant drones ensnared in labyrinths

Traversing through the sordid veils of disenchantment
Cackling in a phantasmic mirror-maze
Spilling the lifeblood of goodwill
Into empty coffins.
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