Overture / Survivor lyrics

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Jon English Overture / Survivor lyrics

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Jon English Overture / Survivor video

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Oh will ya stop, I thought I heard a sou-ound
A back door creakin' with no-one arou-ound
A flash and a glare and a blindin' light and a crowd

Saw Mr Righteous poundin' the stage
Wavin' his fists in impotent rage
And every second becomes an age aloud
And oh, look at me

Oh-hoh-oh, well I'm a survivor, sometime
Oh-hoh, I'm a survivor
I've been around, I've been around
I've been arou-ound

And the boys in the back row are still actin' tough
But the band plays on, callin' the bluff
Words are like shadows, they're never enough when they're lyin'
I ain't lyin'

The disco kid swears he'll give up his life
For one night of freedom in paradise
When you've had enough, don't sit down cryin'
Look out

Oh-hoh-oh, I'm a survivor, sometime
Oh-hoh, I'm a survivor
I've been arou-ound, I've been around, a long-long ti-ime
Ooh, I've been around, been around, been around
It's a long-long ti-i-ime

Well the Hollywood starlet flew back to her ho-ome
She knew many men but she still went alone
I like to think that she ain't gonna die
She went off to history with open eyes
And you who would die, come back again
Change the world with a stroke of a pen
There's an easy answer the warrior cries
Look out, look ou-out, look out
Im a survivor

Oh-hoh-oh, I'm a survivor, I'll survive
And keep it all clear, I'm gonna survi-ive
So you look at me, come on see-ee
Oh-hoh, I'm gonna survive
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