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Lil' Romeo Just A Kid lyrics

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[Chorus: Lil' Romeo - repeat 2x]
I'm the one wit the crushed outtank
I'm the one who makin' young girls faint
Don't smoke and too young todrink
Just a kid but got a mill in the bank

Sharp brown-skin
I can always be found in, that dirtySouth
Chicks say I'm expanded, I go all out
Till' they fall out
I'm aball out
When I go shoppin' romie rome buy da mall out
Kids meals ta bigwheels
I did deals
Eleven years old, man it feels like I beenhere
Girls screamin' he's so cute in they gym gear
I will not lose, Romeogonna win here
Tic tac toe
Get that dough
Rip that show
I'll comeback and kick that flow
By da next time i'm around you'll know
I ain'tplayin' boy it's time ta make room for Ro'

[Chorus: Lil'Romeo]

[Lil' Romeo]
Center stage, dark shades tocornbraids
I'm a little man
You know doin' big things, man of myword
Earn everything I deserve
Hard work and dedication
Man get out andget your own, stop playin' ball
Lifes about makin' calls
My dad said thestrong survive while the weak fall
So I stuck wit it
Pressed my luck witit
Imagined it
Now I'm on stage gettin' crunk wit it
Make way, i'm thehottest thing in da industry today
All I see is the future cause I'm feelin'the A
After me the world of hiphop gonna change
By the time I'm 16 I'll bethe best in the game

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo - repeat 4x]
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