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Lil' Romeo Little Star lyrics

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Lil' Romeo Little Star video

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I'm looking for a girl
Who can stroll me around
Hold me down
Puppylove, girl
How that sound?
You remind me of a wish
First kiss
Itexplains the way
I feel let me up for this
When I see you all
Can youfeel happiness
Wrap your wrist girl
You extravagant, beautiful
Feel theunusual
Ain't gon' stop till
I get through to you
What's ya name,ma?
I wanna hang, ma
You feel like taking
A ride on the swing,ma?
You my queen, ma
Be your king, ma
I'll bring everythinglike
Then and free, ma
If we were older
I'd give you a ring, ma
Takeyou to a concert
For the sing, ma
But for now
I'ma let you
Do yourthing, ma
But if ya man start fronting
Just give him bing,ma

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder whereyou are
Bounce to the spot baby
Take a ride this time
Is just for youand I
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Bounce tothe spot baby
Take a ride this time
Is just for you and I

Got spotin the shade
Cold lemonade, man
You hot from
Feet to yourbraids
Sympathy and cheese
Love to eat sweets
Got baby humma
So meand you can creep
Got me a phone
In case you wanna speak
Let me slowdown and
Skip to the beat
You hungry
Na I'm tryin' toeat
Don't even trip
Lunch is on me
McDonalds, Wendy's, BurgerKing
Come on its on you
Do ya thang
Move ya hips
Make ya eyeballsswing
Bop it girl
Move that thang
Get crunked up
Come on, use thatthang
You know
We do that thang
Homey got fist
'Cause hisma
Wanna hang here
Come the chorus again
Now sing


Flossing your lips
Floss when we kiss
It's gotta belove
If it feels like this
Love the way you walk
When you twisting yourhips
Every time you speak
I swear my heart skip
Warm inside
Hot likeJuly
Get butterflies
When I look in your eyes
Last in myclass
Friends get mad
You could meet my moms
And you can meet mydad
Smile a little more
You look so sad
You look too good
To be seenlike that
A Queen should never
Act mean like that
I never ever wannasee you
Look like that
Enjoy the night
Live the life
This can't bewrong
It feels too right
Turn the music up
Dim the lights
I'm in a zone tonight

[Repeat chorus]

You can bemy boyfriend
And I can be your girl
You can be my baby
Come and sharemy world

[Repeat chorus]

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