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Lil' Romeo My Baby lyrics

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Lil' Romeo My Baby video

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[Deejay] Hotline
[caller] Can I request asong?
[Deejay] Sure
[caller] "My Baby" by Lil' Romeo{*giggling*
[Deejay] You got that

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo and agirl singing]
[G:] Oh Romeo give me a chance
[R:] Uh uhhtoo young I don't need a girlfriend
[G:] Walk me home from schoolanyway
[R:] (Heheh) O-kay
[G:] Oh Romeo the cutest boy Iknow
[R:] I know, I know
[G:] So let me be your..girlfriend

[Lil' Romeo]
They call me lil P, I represent theCP3
Calliope ya heard of me, straight from New Orleans
Gotta Uncle namedSilkk and a Uncle named C
I been dribbling the ball since the age of 3
Igot game like Coby, dunk it like Poppa P
Once I'm in the zone ain't nostoppin' me
you can jumpa baby humma girls be jockin' me
them Miller boyzwear No Limit gear from head to feet

It's like thatwhodi (you got me crazy)
It's like that whodi (I want to be yourlady)
It's like that whodi (why won't you be my baby)
It's like that whodi(can't no girl fade me)
meet me at the skatinrink


[Lil' Romeo]
11 years old, makin'A's and B's
and these lil mommy's can't keep their hands off me
when yousee me in the streets holla "what's up doc?"
I gotta a bugs bunny chain wit amatchin' watch
I make you jump like Kris Kross, bounce like Bow
I'm thenext generation, I came to lock it down
I'm a little boy, but live a bigman's life
I got girls passin' up wanna be my wife
I got grown women wannabe in my life
by the time I reach 18 I'm not gon be nothin' nice
I'm thatR-O-M-E-O, and after high school
I'm goin' straight to the pro'sbounce,bounce


[Girl singing]
Soldier boyI want u to myself
I don't want them girls around
Your the flyest thing upin here boy
and that's why it's goin down
I heard they call you Romeo
Well I'm your Julliet
u must be playin hide and seek
cause boy ur hardto catch


(oh Romeo)
why you boys make themelbows swing
why you girls make them elbows swing

Romeo gonna do dat thang, Romeo gonna do dat thang
Romeogonna do dat thang, Romeo gonna do dat thang

(throw em up get em up throwem up get em up throw em up get em up what)
(Master P while saying this isfor the fly girls......)
why you boys make them elbow swing why u girls makethem elbows swing)

this is for the fly girls that punkthem
this is for the fly boys that punkthem

this is for the fly girls that's bout it boutit
this is for the fly boys that's bout it bout it

Make em sweat,make em sweat
make em sweat,makeem sweat
make em sweat,make em sweat

That's all folks!

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