T.l.c. (tight 'lil Cunt) lyrics

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Lividity T.l.c. (tight 'lil Cunt) lyrics

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Lividity T.l.c. (tight 'lil Cunt) video

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[Music: Lividity; Lyrics: Bishop, Kibler]

Take what I want, suck my dick you fucking whore
Hard as a rock, I'm just about to lose control
Lust for your snatch, my dick it always calls to me
I think I need to cum!!
Bow before me
Bless my dick
With your mouth
Now I'll fist your cunt
Make you suck my dick
Then you'll drink my cum
Covering all your body
Crusting on your forehead
Drown you with my jizzum
Beg for my forgiveness
All give praise to my dick
As I ream your hole
All that I want
All that I need
Tight little cunts
All in my face
God bless your tight cunt
Cum is dripping, blood is spilling, everywhere
Jizz is seeping, in your wounds on your leg
Tools all set out, ready to cut, mutilate,
Tight little cunt is no tight cunt anymore
Dumb whore
Suck my dick you fucking bitch!!
Suck my fucking dick you bitch right now!!
Gagged, shackled and tortured
The visions in my mind
Becoming a reality
Beat you with a stick
Up your ass it goes
Leave you all done
You are dead!! <i>[5x]
All alone
Dead to me
But your cunt's,
Still Alive
You are dead!! <i>[5x]
When I'm done
You will see
I was right
You were wrong
Now're gone
No more grief
Should have kept
Your mouth shut

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