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Lloyd Banks Boywonder lyrics

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Lloyd Banks Boywonder video

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[Whoo Kid:]
G Unit Radio
No Peace Talks
Part Four

[Lloyd Banks:]
I'm back again

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Now they call me Boywonder but i'm better known as Banks
Got a nine millimeter I'll put nine in your tank
You think that i'm a slip
Nigga hop up off my dick
And the things'll B-A-N-G-
So please don't envy
Niggas get paranoid whenever I come to town
The one your girls fuckin' whenever you're not around
You clown
They feel my sound
And they hear me when I spit
How my jewelry got baguettes and canaries in every chip
Fuck pol you can't scare me on a trip
My jet skis ridin' in Miami with a chick
Thats thick
A hollow tip
Could turn ya man into a bitch
Have him hidin' in the closet by the spannards and the fish
And I know i'm gettin' money but I plan on gettin' rich
See I come from the gutter where theres cameras in the bricks
You should see my whip is sick when I'm ridin' through the hood
You're tired of being broke and mad that i'm doin' good
The police daydreaming of havin' me on that hood
Harrassin' me for I.D. and naggin' me cause they could
But i'm still blowin' wood
And grabbin' it out the jar
I'm a G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R
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