I'm A G (corrected) lyrics

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Lloyd I'm A G (corrected) lyrics

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Lloyd I'm A G (corrected) video

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Dah nobi's pachem (8 or 9 x's)

Verse 1:

Now see it was Monday afternoon,
very first day in school,
back of the class makin girls laugh,
teacher's mad cuz I'm cuttin a fool,
I'm just doin what I usually do,
everythings cool chillin with the crew,
sayin, "finally the bells bout to ring",
thats when this new student walked in the room,

Part B:

My jaw dropped,
felt my heart stop,
She's flawed of flaws, this girls so raw,
see this girls' got me hooked like a bra,
like a climax the men all paused,
see this girls' got me sick like the flu,
wish I knew who she was,
she's hot like curry,
my vision is blurry,
but why should I worry,

Chorus (2x's)

Cuz I'm a G,
can't let her get to me,
but her voice sounds sweeter than a symphony,
but I know know that eventually,
she'll find someone else and forget of me,

Part C:

But I'm a G,
I'm a G,
so what could it be,

Verse 2:

Now later on got home sat down my bags,
got homework, chores, need to take out trash,
but see this girls' got me so off task, (heart beatin fast who could I ask?)
Got the phone, called Tez, said "Lloyd what's crackin?",
I said, "dawg you won't even believe what happened,
I'm chillin and this girl walks up in the class and,
swear she look just like Janet Jackson!"

Part B:

So, should I write a letter to her,
or should I send a messenger,
I tried to vibe and connect with her,
but I didn't have enough guts to step to her,
but I really want the best of her,
why can't I get the rest of her,
so he told me, "Lloyd don't sweat it",
and I said, "You're right, forget it"

Chorus (2x's)

Cuz I'm a G,
I'm a G,
so what could it be,
oh yeah,

I'm a G.....................


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