Voreristic Life Abuser lyrics

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Naumachia Voreristic Life Abuser lyrics

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Naumachia Voreristic Life Abuser video

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Alone I came into this world
And so shall it be
Destined to a life of turmoil
I abandon and never reclaim

I hunt innocence drifting aimlessly
To mould it into the perfect pray
I can sense a life gone wrong
By its foul stench of inner decay

I am the Stalker holding the Tool of Apocalypse
Playing God without Divine Wisdom
I have reversed the chain of cause and effect
Become the Grand Architect

I sensed a life spiraled out of control
I glanced into the Dark and spilled my soul
I enliven your fears and transcend
Beyond the boundaries of common paraphilia

Following unthinkable human instincts
I yield to malevolent psychotic rage
And revel in distortions of human form
Acts of abusive humiliation

I am the Egomaniac
Karmic Fate Misuser
Human Humiliator
I am the Life Abuser

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