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Psychostick Pluh lyrics

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Psychostick Pluh video

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Tearin' down the road doin' ninety
in my tiny little Volkswagen on my way to
get a tank of gas
I passed a cop with a radar gun waitin' for a
Sucker like me to drive by goin' way to fast

I saw the red and blue in my rear view
So I pulled slug bug over to the shoulder
of the road
He looked at me in the nose and said:
"Son, do you realize your tires are round?"
And I said:


Walkin' down the streets in my
running shoes lookin' for a shoestore
So that I can find myself parking spot
I bumped into a guy that was wearing nothing
but his boxers
And a cap that said:
"I like tater tots."

He said something in Latin
that I didn't understand
And I thought the worst until
he pointed at my wrist

Then I saw that all he wanted was the time
So I looked at the broken watch, and I said:


*start pit here*

If there ever was a word that you heard
It could take the place of ANYTHING
that you could say

Noun, verb, adverb, statement, question
Daytime, night-time, anytime, anyone!

So remember the next time you forget
What you're sayin' in the middle of a sentence-
Don't strain your brain to remember the word
Instead look 'em right in the nose and
Tell 'em that the answer is:

*intrusion by Satan*
phone left Send "Pluh" Ringtone to your Cellphone right

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