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R. Kelly R Kelly lyrics

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It's Saturday
I'm ready to go out and have some fun
Get in the club around'bout twelvish
Me my homies hoochie huntin'
Lovin' the way the DJ'smixin'
And everybody's on the floor

Every day and every night humpin' andbouncin'
All I wanna do [2x's]
Summertime, Saturday night[background]

"Hey, what'cha doin'?[female]
"Chillin', strokin' the town." [male]
"Sure youdon't wanna come over here?"
"Nah, I ain't comin' over there, man."
"Whatyou mean you ain't comin' over here.?"
"'Cause you don't be talkin' aboutdoing shit."
"Who you wit?"
"Don't worry about who I'm wit."
"See,that's why I don't call you."

It's time to be havin' a good timetonight
Music got you in the mood, you'll be dancin' all night
Lovin' theway the DJ's mixin' and everybody's on the floor
I can't seem to stopthinkin' about you, baby
No matter what I do


I know you're here to party
Everybody work it out
Leaveall your troubles behind
Let me see you hump and bounce


Help me find a way to that spot tonight
Kelly, won't youhelp me find a way
I can help you find a way


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