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Royce Da 5'9 Life lyrics

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Royce Da 5'9 Life video

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[Royce talking]
Come here Royce

[Royce talking over chorus]
Come over here, sit down, let me talk to you
Right here, over here
Sit on daddy's lap
I want to tell you something

[Chorus: Amerie (Royce)]

Life is a moment in space
When the dream is gone, it's a lonelier place
(This is life)
Life is a moment in space
When the dream is gone, it's a lonelier place

Listen, yo
Little Royce Nickel Nine, eyes wide with sight
With a future as bright as the light in the eyes of Christ
Ready to take on the world and whatever is in it
Proof read, sign, and seal whatever you finish
I can only lead you while you're on your quest for knowledge
I'ma teach you to have sense and to respect the dollar
Hope for the best, and you'll see, your world will be solid
I'ma teach you the truth, even behind worldly logic
This is life, cut and dry, days is bright, nights is dark
Fights get sparked, it's almost like to get ahead
You got to be twice as smart, the realities of life is harsh
Just know that God's keeping you level
He'll even speak through the ghetto to reach you
Just to teach you that the streets is the devil
Everybody's dishonest, different
Which means that we're dying by livin'
Oblivious to the time that we're given
So you don't prepare for the death, you live for the life
And live right like, do right by your kids and your wife
Have fun as a child, yo them years is precious
The future brings fear and stresses as the year progresses
You're gonna turn a lot of them down, you're gonna feel rejection
You're gonna tell a lot of lies and you're gonna hear confessions
It's a two way street when you deal in his presence -
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