Scary Movies (sequel) lyrics

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We have updated Royce Da 5'9'' Scary Movies (sequel) lyrics on Monday June 18, 2018. If you would like to submit any corrections to Scary Movies (sequel) song lyrics, please use our contact form.

Royce Da 5'9'' Scary Movies (sequel) lyrics

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Royce Da 5'9'' Scary Movies (sequel) video

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What's your favourite scary movie?

Live from the dungeon, we coming
Y'all besta be running, we coming
Y'all don't want none of this gun an'
I don't know why y'all keep frontin'

I'ma scare the socks off you
For sure the shock stops all you
Knock ya lox off and chop your watch off you
Lurking in the back like a crook in the black of the bushes
With the rats, with a axe, and the stacks of wood is
By the garage, the Mirage tracks the shadow
My weapon is large with bodies, I'm strapped for battle
My soul is in the crossroads, it hides the feeling
Somewhere deep inside the spirit to rise the killer
I'm too distant to talk
My vicious assault
Is inflicted in parts to slit you and stick in your heart
I got nothing to lose and nothing to gain
Only way I'm dying is up in flames
I'm stuck in the game
Look at you busting ya thang
Shots only get stuck in my frame
I got you not trusting ya aim
I never speak but you can hear me breathe at night
With a hunger and greed for life 'til this eve was right
I'm a true killer
A troop risen to do business
Live on a booth on a river drooped with news clippings
I only come out when it's time to run out and find
An innocent victim inside one house with blinds
I'm Freddie Kruger, Jason, and Scream chasing a dream
Looking for a scene to take to the extreme for the mean
You better carry your Uzis is rare to do me
Everybody's scared to view me, I'm Scary Movies

[Chorus x2]
Y'all want drama?
Wanna make a scary movie?
Rappers coming in with their team and carry toolies
You can jump right out of the screen and barely move me
We hard hitting, directing, and starrin
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