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Stills Lets Roll lyrics

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THE STILLS - Let's Roll

Album: Logic Will Break Your Heart (2003)

Lie on the floor of the runway, baby
Wait for the ride; we'll have a comfortable flight

Don't be afraid, to be afraid here with me
And plunge, me toward into the wormhole with me

Let's roll... [2x]

South to the sea, I got a sailboat for free
Yes, little one, we'll sail as soon as we hitch out to sea

Don't be afraid, of the roaming alligators
And save the heart attacks for later

Let's roll... [4x]

North, to the French, I know a bar there that's in
Out of the way, in a Hades kind of way
But I'm not afraid, as long as you're here with me

Let's roll... [8x]
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