Afraid To Die lyrics

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Tad Morose Afraid To Die lyrics

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Don't you ever, no don't forget
You know I mean it
The subtle fear we feel
The sudden rift inside
In the remnants of this broken mind
I lie here still afraid to die

Once you promised
and I will hold you to it
Do you remember
how I savoured every word?
You stand beside me
but I fear you cannot face me
Time's no longer on my side

Time runs out
Without you by my side
There's naught to say
I cannot turn this tide
And now I know
We're just putting on a show here
It's no use now
I'm still afraid to die

I am telling you
Oh yes, I am telling you
There comes a time
when we must face what we've become
In silent mutiny
you stonewall everything, I mean
What's left unsaid has hurt me
Oh, beyond compare

So when I say to you
I'll make you pay, it's true
You'd better listen
these may be my final words
Make no mistake my friend
I'll hold you 'til the bitter end
Oh, face the music
Get a grip now, say farewell

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