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Tha Blue Herb S.s.b. lyrics

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One with barbaric courage the second with calmness, I'll evaluate a winning chance and crush your
backbone with one shot.
To my vigorous self, don't look back, keep your head up and proceed solo like a rhino's horn.
Experiment and experience, infinity and eternity, seabed and mountain peak, the 60 and a pen.
Destruction and reclamation, Mars and Venus, in the centre of all 12 elements named above.
Twist my head and think how I could get to know the whole world, after all thes years, comrades'
paths diverge.
Taking a close look at reality.
To my vigorous self, don't look back, keep your head up and proceed solo like a rhino's horn.

I don't know whether your research was inadequate or you were just in haste, but calling me 'Mr
Abstract' didn't work.
Good try, but I'm sorry that was weak, beyond a shadow of dougt, you don't know darkness.
YOU KNOW? ILL BOSTINO, ONO, the Sapporo STATES summit rhymesyow.
You gus can stay there as long as you wish, it's all over one this album has dropped.
I dedicate my body, the floor turns pale, your cerebrum is on the edge of anoxia.
Your lips cannot sing, your heart scrams, warm but cool, the long winter is about to end.
A musical forerunner at home at peace, the lecture that penetrates like geometrical progression.
The theory that explains that all words have their own meaning, is like a guard dog that only
guards my lyrics.
To the boilding blast funace, and the 6 pupils the Tokyo Conservative Central Goverment will surrender.
We desire a chaotdc state, ANARCHY IN THE JP, WE AIN'T NO JOKE.
Skunk, blunts, HIP HOP hard-boiled, JP JOHNNY TRIO.
Of course, the money is laundered, god sent child of quickly administered deals.
Paying for the effort in advance, ceaselessly, keep sowing seeds over monitors and notebooks.
I'n I, brought here are two margins, the celestial body that rose from the North and a never
setting sun.
Montenegro, Melbourne, still within shooting range, I still don't think we have done everything
we can.
I think that the true battle begins at the point where I am translated into English.
Burn the 420 model engine, the embodinmont of god with high fuel consumption.
Maintain our heyday, and raise our experience scores further, take the body into a primeval forest.
My parting shot best suits the sample, once a journalist called them a collection of a poet's
wise sayings.
Diluted products unacceptable, our production on ordrer for the hungry.
The PADs are worn out, my throat is getting hoarse, Hiragishi is still full of a freezing chill.
I'll take care of the rest, your listeners will have to wait for you to release the truth.
To my vigorous self, become a recored, keep your head up and proceed solo like a rhino's horn.
I will take care of the rest, your comrades everywhere are waiting for you to get thing happening.
the revolution, don't lool back, and proceed in between heaven and earth solo like a rhino's horn.
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