Still Standing In The Bog lyrics

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Tha Blue Herb Still Standing In The Bog lyrics

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We have invented an entirely new tactic, in the midst of battle it can be called artform.
I can see our goal dimly on the other side of legend, and I join hands with Ill Gates, Ill-cedes
at the back.
Quash rumours before controlling sales, as we stock up songs in the local neighbourfood.
Checkmate takes the game in a split second of chance as the wind switches direction.
To the nation's minors, outsiders and stylers, there 's not a single reason for you to leave your town.
This is the succcess story of a Sapporo based duo, who hate ass lickers.


The Machiavellian peacemaker, the hero of a turbulent age, the Blue arrives from the north of Japan.
Never skimping on work so much it hurts, I'm a new type of assassin who doesn't belong to one family.
THe aesthetics of pain, the dynamics of getting high, the economics of an illeagal state.
From the experience in severe battle fields and simulations, I have climbed up to be a non-fiction
Japanese rappers used to make money back then, only because there was more demand than supply.
We were to far to reach for information, being in small cities kept us handicapped.
Kept losing human resources, used to curse heads for not paying attention.
I realised when I saw the local cats trying to flatter those pop rappers who only make an occasional
That we could be no more than just rocal promoters, that's not what we've been working for.
On the endless ride back home from work, two of us made the final agreement and got off at Hiragishi.
Even now, shows get sold out for lip-sync foreign bands and wannabees.
We gather around in another location, yeah the world can be split in two.
CD and vinyl, word of mouth and media, devoted fan and lowbrow, mimic and original.
Which gets to the point first? Which turns to gold in the end?


Being the master of block letter murder myself, I'm the tactician who bundles hungry athletes.
Here the reports. and send out the spy waiting by the back door to silece the waffle.
The big family tied at grassroot, flfilling our ambitions in just one generation.
Entangled back streets, the labyrinth of Hiragishi, truly. with no impurities.
Top quality disc smuggling syndicate, one way ticket on a one-off trip.
It's hard to know when to quit psychological warfare, but I believe my men that we can work it out.
Complex theories of budgets and markets. monthly meetings with my accountants.
Pretending to proceed while we take a rest, move even faster in stillness.
With the green fruit that shines in the full moon, I will make a new breed that even the gourment desires.
The big names, the nameless, the team mates beyond genre, those who are on top get along with one another.
I have mentinoned that the world can be split in two, but that only applies to the "core" against "mass"
Sapporo vs. Tokyo is no longer an issue, it's a question of who represents Japan, us or the small fry?
Next, let me speak of strictly hip hop, all you patron-chasing ex-hardcore.
Quinks are not even included, it's a question of us vs. the strong the world.
Lastly, to you out there, I won't complain if you have moved to the other side.
Let us be the minority for now so we can enjoy the greater achievement of winnig our way through.


The mood of the era is meant to change, we saw the rapid advancement in information technology.
Sneak into the fibres they are adjoined in one earth, prepare your launch pad and live ammunition.
Go crazy on the anagram of programmed drums, depart on a traversing tour with your friends.
There is no need to go to Tokyo to be a musicia anymore, what would you sing about if you cannot
make things happen in your own city?

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