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Vanna The Alarm lyrics

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Vanna The Alarm video

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[sound clip:
I hope you like these tunes that Iâve chosen to do for ya on these very wonderful v-discs. And I hope you get as much a kick outta hearing âem as I do singing them for you.]

A hard fall on a rough path.
Her body, her betrayer.
She spoke as she fought back.

âTo lose is to lose
But I'll never die for you.
Now I'm saved with
the flare, the spark, the alarm.
Weâre not alone in this fight.
There's no excuse for the trite.
Not one.â

Would they believe the things we've done?
It gives my sleepless nights a reason to be home.
They're crying out
as they make their way down,
In the midst of all this drowning.
what will come of us?

Swing now hard.
The reveille sounds.
Was it worth it?

They set the fire with eyes so wide.
A sudden sense of comfort,
Washed over them at once.
They're crying out
As they make their way down
In the midst of it what became?

Swing now hard.

Oh Yeah!
God Damn!

With eyes so wide
Love is all there was.
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