Predestined Horror lyrics

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Vasaria Predestined Horror lyrics

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I lie awake, unable to move
Within myself battle reigns supreme
I've fallen victim to my own reality
Destined is the broken path that I contemplate
It sadly brought me here spawning this grievous fate
Remorse won't suffice
So it must be

... that nothing lies ahead for me
Nothing but horror.

My will has ceased
Energies drained off
Within time I am trapped in suspension
Eras bypass, I conclude there's no escape
Blackened are my eyes for I can no longer be
I have seen all that I wish I didn't see
I've been sacrificed
So it must be


In recollection of the pain that I suffered so
Internally I rage but where can anguish go?
Anger still flows from severed veins
Anger still flows, anger still flows

As tears stream to a predestined end
So it must be.


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