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Xspace Lost Inside You lyrics

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by Costin Tuculescu
Do I wear a face that smiles too much?
Is my voice just an empty call?
Do I seem like I'm to cold to touch-
Do you think that if I held you I'd let you fall?!
Is my tone of question way to harsh-
Is my fist all that stands out-
In a dreary face I stand up straight,
and I wonder what I've found!
All I see is tomorrow,
Before I can say goodbye.
All the pleasure in the world deny me,
Like I'm denied to be.
I sent a heart with strawberry kisses,
to my luscious valentine.
A fiery shade becomes her shadow,
and I spit on her remains!
I taste the bitter flavor of roses,
despite their color so sweet,
thorned stems impale the wonderer,
and blood gushes all over me.
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