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Zimmer's Hole Gaysong lyrics

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Zimmer's Hole Gaysong video

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its progress has no limitsand neither do the eyesof the subterranen cynicthe one who must hidefor all this timehe has chosen a war pathhe will end its greedfeeling beings feelingnothingi will set its limitfor his future has no homethe snake is in the gardenhe goes on alonei'm in its yesterdays i've seen it riseescaped by thinking twice i live so it must diei'm the mystic i'm the onei'm the seasons it's the suni'm the moon you're its needi will make it bleedi'm the moon it is the suni 'll eclipse all that it's donei'll bring renewal through destructioni will make it seethis is a warning of no compromisethe arrogant will be made humblethe ignorant will be made wise[music: j. Tipton & t. Tipton][lyrics: e. Rosvold]
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